Joel Hendricks was born in Whittier, California and began working in a screen printing shop at the age of 17. “I started out catching Maui & Sons t-shirts off the end of a dryer and eventually moved into learning about registration and making films and burning screens. This was in 1984 on the West Side of Costa Mesa. It was a summer job and I wasn’t paying that much attention at the time. I had already quit school and the only thing I was interested in was surfing and punk rock music and going to parties. I never thought this would become my passion and career. It wasn’t until I landed a job working for Linkin Park in September of 2000 as Director of Merchandise that I thought and realized, ‘this could actually become something’! Those three years working for Linkin Park shaped who I’ve become; those years were like being in college, traveling to Europe, Japan, Mexico City, all over America several times, Canada. I was learning about merchandise management, per head estimations, the art of pulling the right amount of merch each night, crunching numbers with Brad Delson (Guitarist for Linkin Park), he could make a calculator seem like it was about to explode from the way he crunched numbers when we we’re perusing merch reports. Learning about Excel Spreadsheets, creating a work ethic that consumed me 24/7; that kind of job only comes to you by word of mouth, and then it’s up to you to make a commitment to the touring world by being honest with your job and yourself and not taking any of it for granted. That experience in particular shaped my work ethic and put me into a position where I’ve been able to cultivate long lasting relationships that have become my livelihood. In 2009 I landed a full-time touring gig with Reverend Horton Heat as Director of Merchandise. The first show I worked for them was at The Ogden Theater in Denver, Colorado. Their merch was a mess. We grossed $1200 at that show because of limited designs and sizes. After some work on their product selection and some organization, we went back to the same sold out venue about six months later and we grossed $6000. I ended up working for The Rev for five years which in turn allowed me to create 24/7 Merch and open up my own shop so I could stay home and be a father to my kids without the grueling schedule of touring and being away from my family. I’m thankful I was given these opportunities to prove myself. Now it’s all about sustainability, growth, and creating new relationships.”